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15th January 2020
Top 5 Wedding Marquee Decoration Ideas

Marquee wedding decoration ideas

5 Décor tips for your big day


Decorating a marquee for a wedding can be exciting but it can also be overwhelming when there are so many options.

Marquee wedding venues are a great way to achieve a luxury outdoor event with the warmth and comfort of being inside. The benefit of having a marquee wedding venue is that you are essentially starting with a blank canvas, meaning that everything from the size of the marquee to the decoration can be made unique to you.

Below we have listed 5 wedding marquee decoration ideas and tips to help inspire your own wedding plans and make decorating the marquee a little easier.

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1. Keep it simple

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘less is more’?

Bunting, flowers, disco lights, you name it. There are plenty of ways to decorate a marquee for a wedding, but sometimes when there is too much going on in one place, it can be overpowering.

Don’t try and fit too much into a small venue. The benefit of having a wedding marquee hire venue is that you can choose how big or small you want the marquee – so you can make it as spacious as you need.

Stripping things back and keeping it simple can make a marquee wedding venue look classier and allows you to focus on the important details. Plus, planning can be a little easier if you keep it simplistic.


2. Think lighting

This may sound basic, but lighting can make a big difference to the atmosphere inside your marquee wedding venue.

The amazing thing about lighting a marquee is that you can use as much or as little natural light as you choose. You could place windows around the entire marquee to let in the natural daylight, which is also a bonus if you’re located in a picturesque location.

Fairy lights can make anywhere look magical, so why not scale-up and hang fairy lights all around your venue or use them to draw attention to certain details within the marquee.

Remember, it is also important to consider how the lighting will change from daytime to evening.


Image displaying marquee lighting and ambience

how to use lighting in a marquee


3. Colours

Using light colours, such as white, is a good way to brighten a marquee wedding venue and make it look more spacious. You can add pops of colour in various places, through using flowers and ribbons or even balloons to decorate the marquee.

Different colours can represent certain moods, for instance, people often interpret yellow as a happy colour and red or pink can be associated with love. It is important to choose colours that you like but if you want to keep with the same theme throughout, then try not to overdo it with too many colours.


4. Table decorations

When planning marquee wedding décor, the table centrepiece is usually a big focus. It is the core attraction of each table where family members and friends will sit throughout the celebration.

Flower displays are popular when decorating the centrepieces and often, using similar flowers to the bride’s bouquet or following a colour theme will add elegance to the overall marquee styling.

Alternatively, candles can make the centrepiece cosy and romantic, which is perfect for the evening. Or if you can’t decide, perhaps you could combine flowers and candles to make the table decorations.


Image displaying a wide range of marquee table decorations

how to use the top table in a wedding to set up a marquee


5. Make use of the ceiling

Whether you open it up completely, hang chandeliers from it or cover it in fairy lights, the ceiling is just another aspect of your wedding marquee decoration that is altered to your taste.

A popular trend for marquee wedding décor is to cover the ceiling of the marquee in tiny LED lights or fairy lights, it creates the illusion of a starry sky and gives an elegant look to the marquee (especially in the evening).


Image displaying a decorated marquee ceiling

how we use ceiling decorations to improve the marquee wedding experience of its guests


Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to decorate a marquee for a wedding. Marquee hire companies will often offer help for styling a wedding marquee. The most important thing is that you do what makes you happy, after all, it is your special day, and the smiles of the guests and the happy couple will be more than enough to make the marquee look stunning!


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