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Marquee hire in Marlborough Wiltshire

Specialising in weddings, parties and corporate events in Marlborough and the surrounding areas

We hire and supply traditional marquees for weddings, corporate events and parties in Marlborough and Wiltshire.

We also serve a wide area across the UK. Local regions include Oxford and Wantage, Berkshire, Hampshire, Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Our traditional canvas marquee hire in Marlborough includes a full range of outdoor marquee furniture and event planning equipment to suit any garden party or special occasion.

Type of marquee to hire for your event

Clearspan Marquees

An ultramodern and elegant choice, Clearspan marquees offer the ideal blank, traditional canvas needed to create the atmosphere of your choosing. Unlike traditional tents and vintage marquees, there are no exposed poles inside, ensuring unobstructed views and an open, airy interior that can easily fit your guests, along with any large equipment and decorations you may need to complete your theme.

A popular marquee rental

Known for their flexibility, versatility, stability, and durability, Clearspan marquees are the perfect option for all types of parties, weddings, and events. They can be pitched on almost any surface and can accommodate furniture, lighting, doors, and leveled flooring systems.

Fully erected Tri Cone marquee in a stately home

Tri Cone Marquee

Stunning, stylish, and functional best describe tricone marquees. They allow a single marquee to be separated into three different areas. In the middle, a striking peak commands attention and dominates the skyline.

Tri cone marquees are versatile, giving you the option of creating a large central space with three connecting areas. They are perfect for events, including weddings and parties, where you prefer to have a central feature, such as a bar or lounge, as well as separate spaces for dedicated areas, such as a reception and sitting area. Tri cone marquees are ideal for any setting or event.


Vintage marquees

Although they tend to be smaller and offer a more intimate environment than most other marquees, pagodas are no less visually appealing. Known for their open nature and arched ceilings that create a sense of space, pagodas give guests plenty of room to move around.

Pagodas are simplistic, vintage marquees, yet elegant providing a comfortable and relaxed setting, while still making a bold statement. They are the perfect addition to outdoor gatherings and party marquees, where you want to make certain your guests are shaded from the sun’s rays.

Traditional sailcloth wooden pole work

Traditional canvas marquees

Unlike traditional marquees, those made of traditional sailcloth are constructed from a translucent fabric that allows plenty of light during daytime events and gives off an exquisite glow and unique ambience when lit up during the evening. Sailcloths are also known for their rounded ends that create graceful curves both inside and out, as well as an airy interior, feel Inside, attractive wooden pole work gives off a touch of rustic elegances,

Sailcloths are ideal for creating events that exude true elegance, vintage charm, and one of a kind appeal suited to a wedding or party marquee. Thanks to their lovely and gentle appearance, particularly when lit up in the evening, they are perfect for weddings or any other intimate event.

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Your special day

Our marquees provide all the beauty of being outdoors and are backed by our excellent service. We ensure all special events run seamlessly no matter what the weather!

For marquee hire Marlborough, Wiltshire and Swindon we only ever supply the highest quality event marquees and outdoor furniture. Our meticulous installation methods will ensure that your hired marquee looks stunning and is safe and secure at times. We have a wide range of traditional marquee types and sizes, meaning you will find the perfect marquee no matter your available space or style requirements. By hiring your marquee, furniture, dance floor, lighting and other marquee accessories from us you are guaranteed a successful and hassle-free garden party event from planning right through to the day itself.