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2nd February 2017
Looking forward to the 2017 Season

This weekend is the first since March 2016 we won’t have any marquees hired out, something we are quite thankful for given the wind and rain forecast for the weekend!

Despite having no site work this week it still seems busy, we are in full maintenance mode with cleaning, stock taking and reorganising the warehouses.

As you can hopefully tell from our photos we do like to keep our equipment in top condition and we can expect the normal supply of new windows, new coconut matting and new lining for our events this season. We are also expecting a number of new types of furniture and styling items to add to our extensive stock. Updates to follow, keep an eye on what is going on by liking our Facebook page, this can be done by clicking the ‘f’ icon in the top right of this page.

If you are planning a marquee event here are some images from the 2016 season to give you some inspiration.