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28th April 2014
Ethnic Marquee Décor Ideas for Your Marquee

Whether you are looking to add a smidgeon of eastern charm to your boho wedding or are planning an all-out Indian wedding bazaar, there are lots of options open to you when it comes to ethnic marquee décor.


Lanterns have come a long way since the ancient Chinese and Indian people used to make them by capturing fireflies in transparent containers. These days they usually contain candles or even fairy lights and, as well as being highly decorative, the soft light that they produce can really help to create a magical atmosphere. Beautiful embossed gold, bronze and even black lanterns are also heavily associated with Morocco and the Middle East. You could place your lanterns on a bed of rose petals to make stunning table centre pieces or hire large freestanding floor lanterns to place at strategic points around your marquee.

Ethnic Wedding Decor - Lanterns

Rugs & Fabrics

Heavily patterned rugs are an ancient form of wall and floor decoration in many cultures. Use your rugs to separate your marquee into different areas. You could have one style of rug for your buffet area and another scattered with floor cushions to create a cosy seating area. You could also use a selection of rugs to line the entrance to your marquee or to create an outdoor seating area next to your marquee if the weather is warm. Due to the framework, it is very easy to hang drapery within a marquee. Indian fabrics with their bold and contrasting colours are ideal for this.

Ethnic Rugs for Wedding



Umbrellas are traditionally used in South Indian weddings and are said to be a symbol of wealth and protection. In Chinese weddings the bride usually carries a wooden framed parasol. Umbrellas hung overhead are very much in wedding décor vogue at the moment. They can also be mounted on to stands to create a mini-canopy at the centre of your comfortable seating areas.

 Ethnic Umbrellas for Wedding

Flowers & Plants

At Hindu weddings the bride and groom exchange Jai Mala (flower garlands) and guests throw flower petals over the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony. Flower garlands can be used to decorate table edges or they could be hung in strands along your marquee walls. Pomanders (balls of flowers) are also very popular at ethnic weddings. Suspend them above your head table or rest them onto of heavily gilded candle sticks as centrepieces.

Ethnic Wedding Flowers

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