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21st May 2014
Circus & Carnival Decor Ideas for Your Marquee

Roll up! Roll up! Come on inside and discover lots of ideas for decorating your marquee for a circus or carnival themed event.


Draping should be your first point of call when it comes to decorating your marquee with a circus or carnival theme. With a few well placed red, yellow or blue drapes you can create the perfect big top backdrop for your wedding or party. A similar effect can also be created with ribbon.


Lanterns, Flags & Balloons

Aside from drapes which we have looked at above, there are several other options available for decorating the ceiling and sides of your marquee. Paper lanterns are inexpensive and incredibly effective. The best thing about using them for your circus wedding decor is the amazing array of colours that they are available in. You are sure to find a bright shade that fits in with your theme. Circus style flags can also be strung up to decorate the inside and outside of your marquee. Finally, what could be more suited to a carnival or circus theme than balloons! Fill them with helium and let them float up and sit in the ceiling area of your marquee. You could make the effect even more dramatic by tying ribbon to the balloons and letting it dangle down overhead.



Point people in the right direction as well as making your marquee look amazing by using a series of carnival style signs. Fortunately with this kind of thing is the more handmade your signs look the better. Grab yourself some wooden plaques and paint and go to town. You could even make your own chalboard signs by investing in a tin of chalkboard paint.


chalk board

Lawn Games

Not quite marquee decor but perfect for setting the scene on the lawn outside; circus style lawn games will amuse your guests for hours as well as making for some interesting photos. Try a ringtoss, can knockdown and a selection of hula hoops for games that are low maintenance and inexpensive to put together.



Placing a number of props around your marquee can really help to cement your theme. We love the idea of having a vintage unicycle propping up your tent poles and a candyfloss machine serving guests a sugary circus style desert. Umbrellas can be hung overhead for decoration as well as being used as props in your photo-booth area.


Table Centrepieces

A circus or carnival themed event calls for more than just your standard floral centrepiece. Replace Peonies with paper windmills and Lilies with lollipops the perfect whimsical table decor.circuscentrepieces

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