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4th August 2014
Chill-out Space Ideas for Your Marquee

chillout marquee

Even the most enthusiastic party animal needs a quick break sometimes – take a look at our ideas for making your Marquee chill-out space the place to be!

Choosing a space

Pick an area away from high-traffic areas like the dance floor or bar. If you have enough room, a small separate tent or marquee really helps to stop the main party from spilling over into the chill-out zone. If not, try using a few folding screens or curtains to section off a free corner of your main marquee, and put up a sign so everyone knows it’s a space to wind down in.


If your guests have been dancing the night away, they’ll really appreciate somewhere comfortable to put their feet up for a while. Use low sofas and armchairs rather than upright dining chairs, and a few small tables to put drinks on are a good plan. For an even more relaxed vibe, cover the floor in cushions, rugs and beanbags, choosing colours and patterns to fit your event style. For example, go for florals and pastels for a picnic feel that’s perfect for a rustic wedding, or bold colours and stripes for a more exotic Moroccan atmosphere.


Keep the lighting low and unobtrusive. Try setting up several different light sources rather than one large one to make the space feel warm and cosy, such as a selection of lamps at different heights. They do not necessarily all need to match, but keeping the lamps all within one colour palette will stop things from looking too haphazard. A few strings of fairy lights are also a great option for a soft, magical glow.

Taking care of your guests

If your guests are in need of a rest, it’s thoughtful to have a few ice buckets or picnic coolers with drinks so they don’t have to queue in the main drinks area. Another nice touch, if your event is taking place at night or in colder months, is to hire a few patio heaters to keep everyone warm. Finally, if you’re getting stressed out by keeping everything running smoothly, don’t forget to use the chill-out space yourself!