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21st October 2014
Art Deco Themed Ideas For Your Wedding Marquee

art deco 1

If you’re looking for a theme to truly wow guests, the luxury and vintage appeal of Art Deco is a fantastic choice for those looking for something other than a traditional white wedding. The following tips will help you to achieve an Art Deco theme for your wedding.

Art Deco Drapery

A magnificent sweep of opulent fabric makes a fantastic background against which to get married to your true love, and incidentally creates the perfect setting for those all-important photographs. Art Deco relies heavily on clean, spare geometric lines, beautiful use of colour blocks and even draws on the fall of the fabric, with heavy folds and pleats creating pleasing shapes and effects.

Art Deco Props and Furniture

art deco gramophone

Striking pieces of furniture are perfect to use as seating for the main players in the wedding party: the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaids, maid of honour and the parents of the couple. Tall commanding chairs, almost throne-like in stature, that draw the eye will ensure that none of the guests forget who and what is being celebrated! Small Art Deco touches, such as a beautifully preserved gramophone, intricate vases and statuary, will all help to highlight the beauty of the day.

Art Deco Lighting

art deco lighting

It is very hard to “overdo” lighting with this theme, so choose beautiful and intricate tea light chandeliers to hang safely around the space. Dot beautiful Tiffany style lamps around the perimeters for a true Art Deco feel to your lighting choices.

Art Deco Table Décor

Recall the beauty, freshness and sense of change that swept the world in the 1920’s as rules were relaxed and bent. Create a vibrant, welcoming and attractive table with fresh flowers in starkly elegant vases, vibrant geometrical place settings and baroque, heavy cutlery.

Art Deco evokes a period when much was changing. The beauty of this period was retained by the use of unusual clean shapes and deep colours such as gold and black. An Art Deco wedding is sure to capture the joy of the occasion, creating fabulous memories of a day filled with vintage luxury for all.

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